Peace Dove Garlands

This Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, celebrate with kids by talking about topics relating to unity, peace, friendship, dream and goals. I came across this cute peace dove garland craft which reinforces the theme of peace for the holiday. If your school-aged children have Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off from school, this is a great way to spend the day. My niece had the day off so we decided to make Peace Dove garlands.


All you need is coffee filters, scissors, string and tape. They were really easy to make. First I downloaded a dove template from free from Inner Child Fun website and printed it on thick card stock.

To make 3 doves at a time, I used 3 coffee filters and folded them in half. I made sure to line up the pattern so that the belly of the dove was on the crease of the fold.

Then, I had my niece trace the dove and cut them out.  When she separated them, there were 3 doves. 

We made 21 doves and attached them on the strong with tape. Tip: When we first taped the doves on the string, the doves were flying upside down, so I decided not tape the string too far down the dove, and that corrected the issue.

Then, my niece and I hung the garland and talked about what peace meant to us. This Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day activity is a wonderful way to talk with kids about how we all can be more peaceful in our lives and in our communities.

Get the instructions: Crafts for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Carla received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer science with an emphasis in Child Development. She also holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree, specializing in public librarianship and youth services.